Research beyond – a new challenge in a blog form

to-infinity-and-beyondA scientific blog to go beyond my job (that I genuinely love). Science is amazing, but it is sometimes difficult to communicate and to explain. At least this is for me. When I’m asked what my research is about, I always feel like I don’t really know how to explain what I do keeping things simple. Research beyond is a tool I want to use to train myself with this important tasks. I feel the importance of science communication and I think all researchers, teachers and professors have to embrace this task seriously. People need to know and understand what’s going on in the labs (and beyond), starting from our mums, moving up to policy makers. Science is cool, can provide smart solutions to complex problems but in the same time can also be dangerous.

I don’t have the ambition to become the most influent blogger of the year or to do something really exceptional (even if, in my dreams, I’d love to have a pretty blog) and I don’t have any expectation in term of audience (I don’t really care, right now, if I’ll have 0 or thousands of readers). I know the web is full of really nice blogs (and podcast!) and there is a lot of science in there. I read and enjoy some of them constantly, but I’d like to try with my own as well. I’d like to go beyond and transfer a 0.001% of my curiosity for science (or even less) to maybe only one or two readers.

I’m a cell biology, I’m not hiding myself, so even if the idea would be to keep the topics of the blog as broad as possible, there’s the risk that I would end talking about CRISPR, vaccines, cancers, parasites rather than the strings theory or the discovery of a new exoplanet. I’ll do my best, but go beyond will always be a work in progress, in my life, in my job and… in my blog.

I’m starting this blog adventure alone, challenging myself, but I’m used to dream big, to go beyond. I’d like this blog to be a way to discuss and talk about science. I’d like to host interviews and posts by other bloggers, I’d like to recommend books, podcasts and other blogs. I’d like everybody to feel free to write a comment or drop me a private message providing ideas and suggestions.

I forgot to say, I’m italian and this blog is also a way to train my english, going beyond my native language. I do apologise in advance for all grammar mistakes I will make (and I have already done in these few lines) and feel free to add a comment to help me improving my written skills.


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